75 min/ 2013 / DCP


In the Paraguayan hinterland, there are many myths about gold treasures from a gruesome 19th-century war. When a young man happens to acquire a metal detector, he cannot control himself. With a painterly and anthropological eye, Collar tells a timeless story about greed and obsession.

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Cast: Christian Riveros, Eladia Vázquez, Juan de Dios Collar
Director and script: Enrique Collar
Editor: André Schreuders
Camera: Christian Nunez
Audiomix: Auralmusic
Assisistent of director: Nelson Silva
Assistent: Stevens Baez

Costa Dulce is a co-production by AS Film with Areachika cine. The film is realised with financial support Art and Culture Rotterdam (NL) and Fondec (PY).